Little Miss Snorkel Mask at Jennifer Grace Creates

Never Enough Time!

I'm feeling bad because I'm reading Shimelle's prompts every day for the 'Blogging for Scrapbookers' class, and I'm getting a few ideas from them, but right now I just haven't got the time to do them justice! This week's been spent preparing for my first ever...

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Cheeky Surprises - Necklace As A Head Wrap at Jennifer Grace Creates

Cheeky Surprises!

I love how my daughter surprises me all the time, making me jump, laugh or gape at her in awe (sometimes all three!). The other day she hid behind a floor length curtain with a recess behind it, and I really didn't know she was...

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Why Ducks Have Webbed Feet at Jennifer Grace Creates

Why Ducks Have Webbed Feet

This photo is one of the clearest memories from my childhood. I'm not sure how old me and my little brother are in the picture, but I know we were on a summer camping holiday in Norfolk. He had asked me why ducks have webbed feet...

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